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The day my LIFE changed!

August 23, 2023 made 20 years since I was in Foster Care. I was playing outside it was hot The State of Michigan had its biggest blackout and the cheetah girls had just come out, my sister and I were stoked about going to the 6th grade at Central Middle school, because that's where everyone went. While waiting on 2 of my siblings and biological mother to get back from their weekly or monthly run to K-mart to get the things,

we didn't have in our apartment, which ranged from food, clothes, and whatever else you can think of. That we didn't have in the house, this is in my book it's nothing new what I'm saying during this time we had to dress up for 5th grade graduation and guess who didn't have the clothes and learned how to steal, I found the pictures in a old scrapbook I was nervous and scared as hell to steal this outfit, I put the outfit on, the pink dress, you see to the right. and put the clothes i was wearing back on top and walked out. That was the only time I had ever stolen anything that I can remember. I've never truly PROCESSED what happened on that day 20 years ago. Until now, the last year I have been Unpacking, Healing, and Still Dreaming!


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